Musical Musings

I love, love, love music. It fuels everything I write, it sets the mood, and makes me feel the emotions of my characters. When I'm not writing, I can identify with music all the time. There's few times that I'm in a silent house/car/establishment. Music is just a way of life.

Now ask me if I can sing...the answer? Sure, if you cover your ears and hum really loud to yourself. I promise I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but hey, that's why others sing. I can just appreciate it. :)

Anyway, I don't know about other writers, but music is huge to my writing. There's days I don't feel like writing, but then I'll hear a song on Pandora or Rhapsody that just sets me on fire.

My question for you all is this: writers, do you listen to music or base your books on music? Or, do your books take on music as you go along? Readers, can you listen to a song and think, "Oh, that's so for {insert chracter name/book}"? Do you like affiliating music with books? I'm curious!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, and hopefully I can come up with semi interesting posts at least once a week. We'll see. :)

Until next time,


  1. As a writer, I listen to music 24/7 and I'll choose a specific song for a scene as I write. As a reader it depends but like said music is 24/7 for me

  2. 99% of the time I write while listening to music. I use music to set a certain mood and tune out distractions.