The Guardian Chronicles

Forbidden book 1 in The Forbidden Chronicles
Available-Ebook 270 pages

Levi's job is to protect his human until it's their time to go. That's what a Guard does. He's done it for years on end, and he'll spend his eternity doing the same, mundane thing, following the same, mundane rules.

...Watch from afar.
...Never share your name.
...And above all, never touch a human.

What Levi doesn't know is that his newest human to protect, Hannah, just might be the catalyst to tipping the scales between good and evil, and he will be forced to decide which side he belongs to. Which friends will he side with, and who will he ultimately protect: his human, or the delicate balance that hangs on stopping the heartbeat of the person he has sworn to protect?

And, when you're already condemned, what's there to lose by breaking the rules?

THE GUARDIAN CHRONICLES: FORBIDDEN will take you into a world of Guards and Guardians, Light and Darkness. What side will you take?

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What are people saying about Forbidden?!

Haley from YA-Aholic "Megan comes in with awhole new take on angels and the fallen, this story will grab your attention from the first page and then leave you at the end begging for more!"

Donna from Book Passion for Life "Forbidden is the perfect novel for any girl who wants to get inside the head of swoon-worthy and loveable male character!"

Heather from SupaGurl Books "The story is just an epic tale and I cannot wait for more of The Guardian Chronicles!!"

John from Goodreads "FORBIDDEN is engaging, exciting, and satisfying. It hits all the right notes and leaves the reader wanting more."

Aaron from Goodreads "this was a fun, quick read that I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone of all ages!"

Eric from Goodreads Megan Curd does an amazing job from beginning to end, and I can't wait to read what she has in store in the future! 

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