My Book Boyfriend (#1): Adam Kent (Shatter Me)

Hey all, and welcome to the first installment of My Book Boyfriend, a weekly meme hosted by Missie over at The Unread Reader. If you'd like to play along, it's simple! Just share one of your latest literary crushes; you know, give his stats, a picture of what you think he might look like, and some of his quotes that make you melt into a heap on your couch, chair, or wherever you read. :) For more details, check out the rules, then get your boyfriend posted! :)

My Book Boyfriend comes from Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me. He's strong, lean, and completely devoted...and the fact that he's a man in uniform can't hurt, either! :) He's Adam Kent!

Adam Kent Description:
  • He's in The Reestablishment's army
  • He has been searching for Juliette since she disappeared from their school in 9th grade
  • He's fast, built, and more than capable of surviving
  • He has a little brother, whom he loves more than anything - which is also why he's hiding him from The Reestablishment
  • He has blue, blue eyes
  • He can touch Juliette, something she's never experienced before!

"That's why you'll never be what Warner wants you to be."
I'm staring at a point in the blackness, my mind tortured by possibilities. "How can you be sure?"
His lips are so close to mine. "Because you still give a damn about the world."


"I had to find you," he whispers. "I asked around everywhere and no one had answers. The world kept falling apart. I had to take care of James and I had to find a way to live and I didn't know if joining the army would help but I never forgot about you. I always hoped," he falters, "that one day I would see you again."


"...You should have a choice. You should always have a choice. And it's your choice if you want to be with me."


I look up.
He's shaking his head. "It's sexy as hell."
He steps forward. Slips me into his arms.
"I look like a gymnast," I mumble.
"No," he whispers, hot hot hot against my lips. "You look like a superhero."

Helloooooooooo Adam! Go ahead, admit it, you'd love to have a strong guy like that declare his love for you, too! My model today is Johannes. He just looked perfect for Adam, and well, who wouldn't wanna wash some clothes on those abs? Hah! :)

Who's your book boyfriend this week? Leave a link to yours and we'll share!

Thanks again to Missie for such a great meme!

~*~Happy reading and eye candy~*~


  1. OMG, Megan! Where did you find that model? Those pictures are delicious.

    It's my hope that a guy like Adam is right now, as I type, is deperately looking for me. And if he did show up and said those words Adam said, I'd melt right into his arms.

    I need to read this book! Thanks so much for particpating. Your post is awesome. I'm sure I'll be back to save a few of those picture to my home computer. LOL

  2. I Googled "blue-eyed military model" and got him, lol! :) I was impressed with Google's choice, personally. :)

    And I love love love yours! I hadn't heard of Chicagoland Vampires. Might have to check that out, especially if it's harboring a hottie like Morgan Greer haha. :) Love me some 5-o'clock shadows! :)

  3. That is one sexy man you have there! I loved Adam and this is the perfect visual for him. Great quotes especially the superhero one!


  4. WOWZA That model should be illegal! LOL And isn't it amazing the things google finds for us! I requested this from the library and have heard amazing things about the book and Adam. Those quotes had me swooning. The way he never lost hope in finding her! How sweet!
    My Book Boyfriend

  5. Woah! That's some bulky eye candy. *stares*
    Adam Kent sounds totally dreamy, a man in uniform makes my keens weak.
    Great choice :)

  6. Here's another book i've been dying to read! Ack! I've GOT to sit down and just read all these books one weekend. I can't even begin to read them all!