When I'm Not Reading (#6): Heather from SupaGurl Books

Hey everyone, and welcome back for another installment of When I'm Not Reading. This week we have the my awesomesauce Heather, who hangs out at SupaGurl Books! She's a definite Supa Gurl, too. Just wait until you meet her. :)

Heather a.k.a. SupaGurl I'm 33 years old. Married to my complete opposite and my soul mate! I have two kids T-man who is 9 and Kai who is 6. I'm a stay at home mom/wife who escapes in books! I still have not figured out what I want to be when I grow up but it will come to me...eventually! 

SupaGurl Books
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Me and the hubby on a ride
What are some of your pastimes while you're not reading?

Well, I love to ride my 4-wheeler. We just take off sometimes and head to the mountain and ride for the day. I love it, mud and all. I also really love to go caving. I haven't gotten to go in awhile but there is just something about being in a cave and exploring that calls to me.

That's awesome! You sound like quite the adventurer. I love 4-wheelers, myself. :) What's one of your favorite places to go to take it easy/have fun?
T-man & Kai

Besides the above in question 1, the movie theater. I normally go with a friend or my sister in law and hey in those two hours inside the theater, No one yells hey mommy!! or Hey babe can you do/get this? Plus I get to watch a movie! WIN. Yeah, I am a wild woman LOL. I am a stay at home mom and wife. Two kids plus the husband and I need that every now and then.

I totally get that! We need some good peace and quiet sometimes! Where's one place you'd love to see someday?
Just one? Eeek Ok if I am talking just the US I am going to say Roswell, NM. Yes, I am a weirdo and I'm good with that. I was obsessed with the show Roswell when it came on the CW *The WB* and I so wanted to go there, and I will one day. Now if we are talking Worldwide I'm going with Egypt to see the pyramids! I would love to visit and see those, and really love to be able to go inside and look around/explore.

Egypt sounds like such a neat place, and if you go to Roswell, please come back. Don't let any otherworldlies take you away! But let's get to the bookish questions. What made you start blogging?
Well, real life friends were always asking those questions...What are you reading? What have you read recently that was good? So, yeah I couldn't remember all that on the spot so the blog started out as a place where they could come and see what I have read, what I thought, and what I was currently reading.

Makes sense to me! Do you have a certain place you enjoy to read?

The bathtub! Again, 2 kids, husband and not having a job to “run away to” this is my escape. I get total peace and quiet time in the tub with my book!!

Hah! Just don't get them wet! :) What was your favorite book growing up?
I loved Great Expectations! I could read it over and over and still find new meaning in that book.  

It seems like a lot of people mention that book as a starting point. I'm wondering what I'm missing! What's your favorite book this year so far? (It's okay if you have more than one!)
Whew! More than one is good. In case you haven't noticed...I'm not good at choosing just one fave. Already I have read some AMAZING books, so here goes.. The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa *yes I've got to read this already*, Divergent by Veronica Roth *yes, I'm behind on some*, This one is not a YA book but I'm in love with it-Desperate Betrayal by Hildie McQueen.

I'm totally jealous you've gotten to read the new Kagawa book, and I have Divergent on my TBR! You've got good taste. :) If you could meet one author, alive or dead, who would it be?
 Here you go again with the whole one thing LOL. So yeah I can't do that I'm a rebel that way :) So I would LOVE to meet up with you and hang out. Also, Taryn Browning, Shelly Crane, Megan Duncan, J.R. Ward, and Rachel Vincent!

Those all sound like great authors...not to toot my horn, haha. :) But seriously, I'd love to meet Ms. Crane! If you could bring one character to life from a series, who would it be, and why?
If you notice now I am ignoring your ONE word LOL. YA character(s) Kai from Dark Seeker, WOW I want to just hang out with him! Hottie, and wicked strong plus that snarky attitude Yes please. Jace from Mortal Instruments series, why? Does anyone really need me to explain that one? LOL  Non YA character(s) Vishous from Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and yeah I cannot explain this one I would need to cover eyes of the readers ;0) Mercy from The Mercedes Thompson Series! She would be so amazing to hang out with! She is a kick butt girl who knows how to handle things.

Hah, I'm glad you're taking liberties with my questions. :) If you could be any kind of otherworldly, what kind would it be, and why?
Well, this is a tough one. I'm going to go with shifter though. While I love to read about vamps I also really love shifters. They have the freedom of the daytime still. They are bound strongly to family/pack and that's important to me. Plus they are all wicked strong and fast 

And there you have it, folks! That's Heather in a nutshell. Now go get to know her better by hanging out with her!


  1. Great interview, Heather! And yay, pics of hubby, T-man & Kai. They are adorable...yes, this includes hubby, who's totally cool :) We are SO going to meet someday - it just won't be in a cave or on a 4-wheeler. Haha, both terrify me (unless I'm stuck in the cave with Ash of course)! You already read The Immortal Rules...I'm so jealous!! I'm in agreement with Megan, you are totes a SupaGurl made of awesomeness! *hugs* <3

    1. Thank Taryn!! I totally Love you and Megan hardcore! hubby is kinda adorable isn't he LOL

      Awww but but both cavin and 4-wheelin is super fun!!

  2. Your such a cool, with a beautiful family! I miss reading in the tub ( loved doing it in my old apartment). Keep up the excellent blogging work!

  3. That is great interview!! I also love four-wheeling!!!

  4. Awesome interview! I love 4-wheeeling and exploring caves. It's so fun! I enjoy reading in the tub too. (I have a nice big claw-foot tub) I understand the need to escape, and I only have one child. I also have a super comfy chair in her room I got before she was born, and I like to lock her out of her room and go in there to read after dinner sometimes lol. Your kids are adorable!

  5. Heather great interview!!gosh I haven't been 4 wheeling in a long time. miss it! did you know that the Paranormal Plumes are possibly coming to a YA convention type thingamajig in Nashville this summer? and Shelly might be coming to. I am hoping to be able to go.